Serving all Arabic Speaking Communities


  • Who is "Arabic"?

    The Arabic speaking community represents 1.3% of the Australian population (ABS Census, 2011) with 287,174 Arabic speakers.  “Arabic speaking people” share a common language, history, heritage and belong to the cultural group broadly referred to as “Arabic”.

  • Migration

    The migration patterns of the diverse Arabic speaking communities has varied over the years and has been mostly defined by the socio-economic factors and political circumstances of their countries of origin.

  • Recent Arrivals

    Arabic Welfare’s most recent settlement service data reflects the current countries of origin of our clients: Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Syria and Iran.


Mission & Vision

  • Mission

    As a non-sectarian, non-political migrant welfare organisation, our mission is to influence and sensitize mainstream service providers to ensure that newly arrived migrants and refugees from Arabic speaking backgrounds are included in Australian society. We strive to educate, support, advocate on behalf of, and encourage the autonomy of the Arabic speaking community through offering a range of services, groups, workshops and programs, and we strive for the continual improvement in the delivery of our services.


    Arabic Welfare aspires to lead by example in enacting an inclusive, multicultural Australian society by supporting the holistic health and well-being of migrants and humanitarian entrants from an Arabic speaking background, and the broader community as a whole.


  • Amal El-Khoury


    “Having been a migrant myself, I have great empathy and a clear understanding of the challenges and support needs of the newly arrived, especially the feeling of isolation in the absence of family. I am committed to supporting client autonomy and to advocating on their behalf."

  • Arabic Welfare Team

    The staff of Arabic Welfare are bilingual, bicultural and qualified to provide professional services across a range of programs, including community development projects and case work services.

    Our multidisciplinary team includes registered migration agents, social workers, youth workers and community development workers.