Serving all Arabic Speaking Communities

Commitment to Excellence

The staff of Arabic Welfare are bilingual, bicultural and qualified to provide professional services across a range of programs, including community development projects and casework services.

Management and staff are committed to the delivery of responsive and comprehensive services to people of diverse Arabic speaking backgrounds in accordance with the values, mission and vision of our organisation. A significant factor in achieving this is ongoing strengthening of our specialist expertise in:

  • Knowledge and skills in delivering settlement services to recently arrived migrants and refugees
  • Responding to young people, families and individuals in culturally responsive ways and with culturally appropriate casework and group work
  • Family specific programs which address issues of intergenerational conflict

Arabic Welfare’s expertise as an ethno-specific welfare organisation is supported by:

  • Employment of bilingual staff with appropriate specialist tertiary qualifications such as social work, youth work and psychology and the provisions of ongoing professional development
  • Clear and comprehensive evidenced based policies, procedures and systems
  • Established relationships with a range of both mainstream and multicultural community programs to support appropriate referrals, linkages and service provision