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Amal El-Khoury

Amal El-Khoury


“Having been a migrant myself, I have great empathy and a clear understanding of the challenges and support needs of the newly arrived, especially the feeling of isolation in the absence of family. I am committed to supporting client autonomy and to advocating on their behalf."

Amal El-Khoury has been the manager of Arabic Welfare for over 8 years and is responsible for overseeing all our services and projects. Her commitment to delivering responsive services to our clients has been demonstrated through her innovative planning and continuous development of new projects and partnerships.

Amal completed her degree in Social Work at St Joseph’s University in Lebanon where she worked in community development with the Middle East Council of Churches. After migrating to Australia in 1989, she completed the requirements for degree recognition in social work at Monash University.

In 1995, Amal joined Arabic Welfare as a Grant-in-aid worker in our Settlement Grants Program, providing services to newly arrived refugees. In 2000, Amal identified an emerging need for a dedicated program which would address the growing and complex needs of our youth clients. Her direction in this initiative resulted in our successful achievement for a funded youth program which continues to be a strong part of our organisation.

Amal El-KhouryHer achievements and contributions to Arabic Welfare are many, including the effective delivery of over 100 parenting programs, the establishment of the Lebanese Help Line at the time of the Lebanese crisis in 2006, the establishment of numerous community groups for women, youth and parents and the development of many partnerships.

Amal has been instrumental in expanding Arabic Welfare from a settlement service provider to a multi-service organization to include youth services, the refugee brokerage program, parenting programs, family relationship projects and joint initiatives with research institutes.

Amal is a qualified and registered migration agent, overseeing our migration advisory service, and she provides leadership and support to our team of social workers and community development workers.

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