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Stepping Up With Myki – CALD Seniors’ Project

Stepping Up With Myki – CALD Seniors’ Project

This exciting and engaging project targets older women from diverse Arabic speaking backgrounds who are socially isolated. It is designed to train women on how to utilise Victoria’s Public Transport system, highlighting that it is simple, safe, and has benefits.

Factors which contribute to seniors avoiding public transport include a fear of crime and a lack of confidence in using the new Myki technology, which is complicated further by language barriers. This project addresses these issues through a series of information sessions on public transport safety and the new Myki system.

The project also provides participants with practical learning through a series of full day outings which require the use of the Myki system on the different types of public transport. The women plan and organize their outings and alongside our worker the use an on-line Public Transport Journey Planner application. The final outing is unguided, with a view to establishing an on-going, self-maintained core seniors’ social group as a sustainable outcome of the project.

Real benefits have been enjoyed by all of the participants for whom the most important project outcomes include:

  • feeling safe on public transport
  • increased awareness of the safest zones in and outside of public transport means  
  • knowing how to get on and off transport means in the safest way possible
  • confidence in planning outings using the guide books and available applications
  • confidence in using the Myki system, which was previously seen as a complicated new technology
  • awareness of what to do in an emergency, including the use of emergency buttons
  • forging friendships that will last beyond the life of the project
  • exploring a new opportunity for social interaction in a culturally relevant group setting

Arabic Welfare has received a lot of community interest in this project, with many older people waiting for the next Myki project to commence. For more information on the commencement of the next Myki project please contact us or check the News & Events section of our website.

Community Capacity Building

  • We have recently completed projects which have addressed issues of community concern, including community safety, crime prevention, health and well-being:

    • Arabic Speaking Youth Inclusion

      Funded by the Department of Justice this project was developed to build participant skills and knowledge in the effort to reduce the incidence of crime and violence within schools, home and the community.

      Through a series of 12 education workshops and in partnership with schools, the project successfully engaged 140 Arabic speaking youth, aged 13 to 16 years.

    • Minutes Matter Media

      This was a community education project that raised awareness of the signs of heart attack amongst Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities in partnership with the Heart Foundation.

    • Taking a stand against cyber-bullying

      With funding from Moreland City Council this project ran a parent education programme in Arabic to strengthen the capacity of families to respond to issues of cyber-bullying. 

      The project achieved an increased awareness amongst Arabic speaking parents to keep their children safe online. Participants also developed skills to be peer educators and thus, resource and support other Arabic speaking parents around issues of cyber bullying and children’s safety.