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Harmony Within the Family

Harmony Within the Family

Funded by the Department of Justice Community Safety Fund, the ‘Harmony within the Family’ project is a family violence education project. After conducting 2 focus groups to discuss and gauge participants’ understandings of family violence issues, we facilitated 6 education workshops with 15 men and 16 women. 

We engaged specialist services working in family violence prevention, early intervention, crisis response and recovery to co-facilitate the sessions.

The project aimed to raise awareness of the legal definitions of family violence in Australia and focused on the following themes:

  • definition of family violence within the Australian context
  • information about the criminal implications of early/forced marriage
  • cultural beliefs that impact on family violence
  • reporting requirements of child abuse
  • the role Victoria Police and response to family violence
  • Child Protection Service response to children affected by family violence
  • family violence prevention and early intervention; crisis response and recovery

An additional two information sessions were delivered to AMEP female students at Meadow Heights Education Centre. The sessions were delivered by a female guest speaker from Victoria Police and had a total of 60+ women attending. Moreover, most participants were engaged to participate in the ‘Week without Family Violence’ from 17th to 21st of October 2016, organised by the family violence community coordinator from Northern Community Legal Centre. The project received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with most participants describing the significant increase in their knowledge on family violence.