Serving all Arabic Speaking Communities


Our Youth Services are funded by the Department of Social Services’ Settlement Grants Program and address the needs of recently arrived young persons of diverse Arabic speaking backgrounds who have been in Australia for less than 5 years.

Youth Outreach

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A bilingual Arabic Welfare youth worker is out-posted at multiple locations to provide support and services that create a welcoming environment and identify the needs and opportunities for young humanitarian entrants.

Arabic Welfare is committed to creating a sense of belonging in the local community for our youth clients. Our bilingual youth worker is out-posted at multiple locations to facilitate peer support groups that create a welcoming environment to identify the needs of young arrivals and explore ways of addressing these.

This program supports young people who have recently arrived in Australia with a range of issues and challenges, including education, employment, peer support, integration in a new culture, parental expectations and emotional and social well-being.

Cross Cultural Training

  • Our Cross Cultural Training is aimed at non-Arabic workers and school staff from a variety of backgrounds, who are working with Arabic speaking clients and students.

    Our training workshops are interactive and assist participants to better understand, work and communicate with people of diverse Arabic speaking backgrounds.

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