Cross Cultural Training

Arabic Welfare has been working with communities from diverse Arabic speaking countries for over 30 years. We share our knowledge and expertise through interactive cross cultural training to strengthen cultural understanding and build skills to enable effective service provision. Training sessions are customised to meet service provider needs and comes complete with a guide for engaging with Arabic Speaking families and other helpful resources.

Funding Submissions

Skills and knowledge of how to write a submission of high standard is becoming increasingly important due to the competitive nature of securing funds from government, philanthropy or other sources. Arabic Welfare offers small ethno-specific organisations and community groups support with submission writing. Depending on your needs, we can either guide and coach you through the process or write the submission for you. We also provide support with report writing and project development.

Project Development

Do you have minimal capacity or simply find it challenging to identify and develop new projects?

We offer small ethno-specific organisations and community groups support to identify and develop new projects to meet community needs and inform strong business cases to help secure funding.


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