Arabic Welfare have qualified bilingual counsellors and social workers that support clients with a range of complex issues including family violence, gambling and alcohol addictions, mental health and financial challenges. We also play a significant role in coordinating the care of clients who often struggle with language and accessing mainstream services.

Arabic Welfare’s family services are designed to support parents and their children, both independently and together. We offer a range of programs, described below.

Family Violence

Through case management, education and capacity building activities, our service aims to:

  • Eliminate family violence through prevention strategies
  • Strengthen family relationships and facilitate social outing opportunities
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of factors contributing to family violence
  • Build capacity of community and religious leaders to identify and respond to at risk families.

Gambling Prevention

Our gambling prevention program provides knowledge, information and support, and early intervention strategies. We work with our communities and mainstream providers to improve screening, minimise gambling harm, and to protect the health and wellbeing of our clients and their families.

Youth Support

Our support for youth is provided through counselling, case management, and group work. We run programs specific for young people between the ages 12 to 25 years, including wellbeing sessions, leadership camps, mental health support, sport and recreation, digital literacy, conversational English, and various educational forums.

Intergenerational Program

This program works with parents and their children to support families resolve conflicts constructively and bridge intergenerational gaps. Sessions are often run in partnership with schools in the Northern metropolitan region and have a strong emphasis on healthy family relationships in the context of Australian culture.

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