Serving all Arabic Speaking Communities

Empowering families

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Caring for our elders

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Giving hope for a new beginning

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What We Do

  • Arabic Welfare addresses the needs of individuals and families of diverse Arabic speaking backgrounds who face disadvantage and difficulty when accessing services.

    We provide individual casework, information workshops, group-based activities, counselling and advocacy.

    All our services and projects aim to support our clients in realising their aspirations towards full participation in Australian life.

How We Work

  • We work in partnership with local schools, youth services, local councils, health services, and a broad range of other services to reduce the barriers which affect people of diverse Arabic speaking backgrounds. We work collaboratively with other services to:

    • receive referrals for casework
    • deliver programs and services
    • form partnerships on joint community development projects
    • provide information workshops
    • advocate on behalf of the Arabic community

    Our staff are qualified and experienced community development workers, youth workers and social workers.

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