Gaming and Gambling

These days access to screens is not only easily accessible but also highly encouraged. We habitually engage in on-line games, for a bit of fun and entertainment, often ignoring that it can lead to something bigger, which has a significant impact on our Mental Wellbeing. Contact Arabic Welfare today for support on 03 9380 9536.

When Gambling Harm Goes Untreated

It starts off with one bet, a night out having fun with some friends, an opportunity to socialise and/or even make a quick buck. Gambling harm does not stop at the individual, it effects and puts a strain on family relationships. Don’t leave your gambling untreated, call Arabic Welfare today for support on
03 9380 9536.

The Beginning of Gambling Harm

YAY Melbourne Cup, we get a public holiday…but is that all there is to it? Melbourne Cup is a gateway to gambling harm as it normalises gambling for the population at a young age. For better understanding about gambling harm and its various forms, contact Arabic Welfare today on 03 9380 9536.

Arabic Welfare Story

Meet the Arabic Welfare family and learn more about the services we provide for newly arrived refugees and well-established migrants from diverse Arabic speaking countries.

Arabic Welfare Clients

Listen to the success stories where our clients share their journey when they left their beloved country and how they embraced the new challenges in Australia with the support of Arabic Welfare.

Why Partner with Arabic Welfare?

We believe that we can make a big impact in the lives of thousands of Arabic speaking community members here in Australia. By partnering with Arabic Welfare, you will support us in making a meaningful and lasting difference.

Arabic Welfare and Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s partnership

Why are some people from Arabic-speaking communities at a higher risk of gambling harm?

Mrs. Tanya Fletcher from Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation spoke to us about why multicultural and new migrant communities need gambling support services, and how we can help

How To Set Up An Email Account

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1. Set up your own Gmail address or ‘Google Account’
2. Write and respond to an email, including how to attach a document.

How To Register For Important Government Services

This video provides simple step by step instructions to show you how to:
1. Create an Individual ImmiAccount
2. Pay an application fee using your ImmiAccount
3. Apply for Replacement ImmiCard
4. Set up a MyGovAccount.

Completing Your Citizenship Application

This video provides simple step by step instructions to help you with completing your citizenship application online. The video covers the following:
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