Beach safety just got a whole lot more fun!

Arabic Welfare, in collaboration with Life Saving Victoria, recently delivered a beach safety program to educate newly arrived youth on life saving techniques and water safety messages.

A group of 17 youths aged 15-25 years were taken to the Swimming and Lifesaving Club at Williamstown Beach where a team of lifeguards gave a presentation about water safety and the dangers of swimming haphazardly at the beach, common risks to look out for, tips for if someone is in danger and how to save someone who is in drowning.

Participants were then separated into groups and completed training activities organised by the Swimming and Lifesaving Club such as saving a drowning individual, proper use of a surf board while in the water and how to float with the use of a life jacket.

Afterwards, the participants spent the rest of the day playing beach games and relaxing in the sunny weather.

To find out more about upcoming programs like this, contact us at 9380 9536.