Today we’re going to showcase one of the many success stories for clients of Arabic Welfare!

Alexandra Sarkis, a 19-year-old newly arrived refugee who’s only been in Australia for 6 months, succeeded in the Hume Art Anthology 2023, securing both the Best Creative Art Award for her stunning piece “Our Roots” and the coveted Community Favourite Piece Award.

During the creation of her artwork, Alexandra faced personal hardship with the passing of her grandfather overseas. Supported by Arabic Welfare, she received invaluable guidance, materials, and emotional aid to navigate her grief and dedicate her submission to her beloved grandfather.

Winning the awards was a significant milestone for Alexandra, marking a pivotal moment in her journey in Australia. Encouraged by her success in the Makani art program and the recognition in the art anthology, Alexandra gained the confidence to pursue her aspirations further. With the support of Arabic Welfare, she received valuable guidance to make informed decisions about her future studies. As a result, Alexandra applied for a diploma in graphic design, and with joy, she received acceptance. She eagerly anticipates commencing her studies this year, filled with determination and enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

She will be showcasing more of her artworks at the “Safe Spaces” art exhibition 2024.