It was so wonderful to see such creative talent on display from the very promising youth in our community!

Arabic Welfare is so delighted to see how many hearts were touched by the Makani Art Project, and it’s the hard work and passion for serving the Arabic-speaking community that lead to an incredible art exhibition that gave these young artists a safe space to express themselves, connect with each other and support one another in the daunting journey of settling into a new country.

There is no better way to encompass the value of “Safe Spaces” then this quote of the speech that Arabic Welfare’s Community Support Worker gave during the opening night:

“The young people here today are some of the strongest individuals you could meet. And strong people like them need to take care of their mental health because they often overlook their own well-being while supporting their families from arrival to settlement and beyond.  This is what we at Arabic Welfare aim to do, we foster the wellbeing of the Arabic-speaking community through education, empowerment and support.

We are a generation that war has stolen so much from, and settling in a new country comes with a price too; we pay it as we discover who we are and who we are becoming. Art serves us well in our attempt to answer these questions. Therefore, we decided to take the first step at Makani and explore what a safe space means in order to answer bigger questions.”

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