Serving all Arabic Speaking Communities

Committee of Management

Arabic Welfare is governed by a Committee of Management with an elected President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Secretary. The Committee of Management is represented by the members below who meet once a month and offer their services voluntarily. The organization is comprised of this Committee of Management, a Finance Sub-Committee, a team of paid and voluntary staff, and a general membership.

The Committee of Management through the Finance Sub-Committee (comprised of the President, the Treasurer and the Coordinator) is accountable to the members of Arabic Welfare and funding bodies for the proper management of all finances of the organization, in addition to legal management and strategic planning. The Coordinator is responsible to the Committee of Management through the Finance Sub-Committee to ensure that Arabic Welfare is in compliance with this policy, its associated procedures, and the annual financial budget approved by the Committee of Management.


Arabic Welfare was initially the brainchild of Dr Abicair and he is one of the founders who worked closely with funding bodies to establish our organisation. He has links with all sections of the Arabic community and has a demonstrated willingness to work for the community on a non-sectarian and non-political basis.

Vice President

Mons Takchi has been recognised for his contribution and leadership not only within the diverse communities from Arabic speaking backgrounds but also in the wider Australian society, being awarded the Order of Australia Medal.


Michael was a former Settlement Grants Program worker at Arabic Welfare for almost 10 years. He has hands on experience working with Arabic speaking youth and continues to advocate for the needs of newly arrived young people.

Assistant Treasurer

Antoine has served on the Committee of Management of Arabic Welfare for over 15 years. He is a business owner and contributes extensive expertise in management and finance.


Walid has been involved in a number of committees, including that of Arabic Welfare, for over 15 years. Since migrating to Australia, he has become a very successful small business owner and a dedicated member of the broader Arabic speaking community.


Dr Abdouka is a part-time Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.