Congratulations to all the participants of Arabic Welfare’s Community Champions for successfully completing the program!

Arabic Welfare, in partnership with Cancer Council, set up the Community Champions program to find women from Arabic-speaking backgrounds that would become advocates for cervical cancer screening within their communities.

Over three months, the participants were educated on the correct methods and benefits of cervical screening, and would take the information they had learned during the session and spread the knowledge to members in their community, imploring them to undertake a screening test. Each following session, the participants would bring back the questions, concerns and information that they learned from their community and brainstorm ways to better advocate for the cervical screening cause.

The insight learned from this program proved to be invaluable, and as a thank you, all participants were awarded with a Certificate of Completion as recognition of their amazing efforts in helping improve the lives of members within their community.

To find out more about upcoming programs like this, contact us at 9380 9536.