For International Women’s Day, Arabic Welfare held a special event that celebrated mothers from the community!

The event saw attendees participating in an in-depth discussion about the struggles that women still face around the world and the sacrifices and efforts it takes to raise the next generation in a country away from their motherland. The discussion also included an informative quiz that educated individuals about the history of International Women’s Day and the female pioneers that continue to break new grounds in gender equality.

Afterwards, attendees were pitted against each other in a fun competition to determine who could make the most delicious cuisine. Participants were split into groups of four and each group was given a mystery box of ingredients with the task of creating a unique and delicious dish. And while only one group won the grand prize of a Coles Gift Voucher, Arabic Welfare made sure every person who attended left with a gift as a sign of appreciation for the invaluable service they do for this community.

After all was said and done, attendees came together to dance and celebrate their time together.

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