Arabic Welfare recently took the youth of our community to an exciting police station visit to better understand the roles and responsibilities of the police force.

Before entering the building, the police invited the young people to capture pictures near the police cars, allowing them a chance to pose for photos. Afterwards, the police officers led them on a comprehensive tour, introducing them to the various workers and departments within the station.

Following the tour, the young people were guided to a room for a 1 hour presentation on the roles and responsibilities of the police force. The officers initiated a discussion by asking the youth about their perceptions of police officers and detectives. They explained the significance of the police uniform, the function of cameras, and highlighted the distinctions between uniformed officers and detectives and how to stay safe.

One of the important aspects of the presentation was the officers’ focus on important societal issues, particularly family violence and physical/sexual assault. With sensitivity and inclusiveness in mind, the police officers engaged the youth by asking them to define family violence, providing an opportunity for collective learning and understanding.

By addressing these important societal issues and sharing personal insights, the officers aimed to raise awareness, promote understanding, and empower the students to recognise the signs of family violence and act when necessary.

Ultimately, the young people were able to take a lot from the experience, and Arabic Welfare looks forward to providing more opportunities like this for the community in the future.

To find out more about upcoming programs like this, contact us at 9380 9536.