Arabic Welfare recently paid a visit to St George’s Coptic Orthodox Church to discuss the topic of identity and belonging, as well as the effects of excessive online gaming in young people.


The discussion highlighted how each person identifies themselves as belonging to a certain group (community, church, home, family, university, workplace). This discussion was then steered to participants linking their place of belonging to the online realm, which was an avenue for Arabic Welfare to discuss and raise awareness of the dangers of excessive screen time and gaming.

Participants were educated of the different types of games that can be found online, and how harmful they could be if consumed excessively, as this could lead to gambling.

Arabic Welfare made sure to bring attention to the various methods these online games use to stimulate the player and evoke a pleasure response that is similar to the process used by casinos to get individuals wanting to continue gambling. The process was brought to the attention of the participants as it actively targets young people and teaches them early on to become addicted to this kind of pleasure response.

The session concluded with some suggested alternatives to online gaming, such as physical outdoor activities/sports, going to the gym, spending more time with family & friends, etc.

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