Today we’re going to showcase one of the many success stories for clients of Arabic Welfare!


Afrah has been a long-time client of Arabic Welfare and her journey in Australia is a perfect example of how members of the community can thrive when given the right support!


Here is her story!


Hello, I’m Afrah Zahrah, originally from Iraq. In 2019, I made thejourney to Australia after spending more than four years in Türkiye dueto our displacement from Iraq in 2014.

Upon my arrival in Australia, I took the initiative to establish a group comprising of women from the Iraqi community. Through this group, I had the privilege of crossing paths with Emilie Abou Abdallah, who serves as the Community Engagement Coordinator at Arabic Welfare. Emilie provided extensive support across various facets of my life. Arabic Welfare warmly welcomed me and extended various support programs that were not only beneficial but also pivotal for the community’s well-being.

Arabic Welfare played a significant role in advancing the capabilities of our community, offering health sessions, fire safety awareness, guidance on Centrelink services, workshops with an immigration agent, and an array of other community services. Additionally, they facilitated our engagement in collaborative activities and numerous work sessions, including an empowering leadership course, a human rights program, and a communication program in collaboration with Hume City Council.

I was thrilled to take part in Arabic Welfare’s Refugee Week program, where my group had the opportunity to present a captivating performance with the invaluable support of Arabic Welfare. I was also fortunate to be part of an event organised by Arabic Welfare and Merri-bek City Council, centred around the referendum, as well as a program designed to assist community leaders within Arabic-speaking communities.

Arabic Welfare expanded my knowledge through informative sessions on domestic violence and a thought-provoking workshop on addressing racism. Empowered by Arabic Welfare, I gained the necessary professional skills to lead a session on combating racism, in collaboration with Victoria University. The exceptional professional assistance provided by Arabic Welfare was truly outstanding, and their active engagement with my group played a crucial role in securing government funding to improve our community services.

Today, I have the esteemed privilege of serving as a volunteer at Arabic Welfare, and I am delighted to be a part of this exceptional organisation, where I have the opportunity to contribute to the community that holds a special place in my heart.