The youth stayed fit these past school holidays!

The Arabic Welfare Combat Sports program aimed to keep young participants fit and active during the summer by providing a dynamic and engaging workout experience. Led by a Coach in a certified Mixed Martial Arts gym, the program focused on strength and cardio classes, incorporating basic self-defence techniques. Activities included striking punching bags, stretching exercises, and learning fundamental boxing techniques. Over the course of 4 days during school holidays, up to 14 participants not only enhanced their physical fitness but also formed long-lasting bonds and friendships. An underlying goal of the program was to also cultivate a fun and comfortable environment for all participants.

Two mothers shared their stories about their sons experiences in the Combat Sports program. Both mothers noticed a positive impact on their young boys, who were not only drawn to the program but also expressed genuine joy and love for it. Impressed by the program, these mothers observed improvements in their sons’ physical fitness and self-confidence. The friendship fostered in the program was evident, prompting the mothers to enroll their sons for further classes for their children’s well-being and personal development.

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