To celebrate International Women’s Day last week, Arabic Welfare gathered 31 remarkable women at the local Community Center to celebrate their achievements and resilience. The event aimed to empower women and girls by fostering a sense of pride, hope, and self-worth through knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and creativity.

The celebration began with participants split into three groups of 10, each engaging in a quiz on the history of International Women’s Day. Through this activity, women learned about the struggles, triumphs, and contributions of women across the globe, empowering them with knowledge and inspiration.

Following the quiz, the participants showcased their culinary skills and economic thinking in a food competition. Each group crafted a dish, revealing their creativity and resourcefulness. The competition not only highlighted the diverse talents of the women but also served as a platform for exchanging ideas and fostering camaraderie and showcased that participants are team players and leaders.

Throughout the event, the atmosphere was filled with joy, friendship and a shared sense of purpose. The celebration served as a testament to the strength, resilience, and determination of women in overcoming challenges and making significant contributions to society.

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